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Secrets in the Sand 

Secrets in the Sand is now available


Winner for the Kindle Fire HDX
Many Congrats.  If you are the commenter named "Rouge", please email your address to me so that I can mail the prize to you.
A special thank you for all the readers who participated in the contest for Secrets in the Sand.  I am grateful for the number of reviews I received.  I hope you all enjoyed the book and if you were unable to participate, Secrets in the Sand will remain at the reduced price until Saturday.  Don’t forget, there are two additional titles in the series.  The fourth title, A Kiss So Deadly, is scheduled to be released in November.

For all the contest details, check out the flier.

            Book 2 in the “Fifty Gone Wild” series, Slippery Slope is also available.  The first novella is Christmas Gone Wild.  The series focuses on women who finally achieve forgotten dreams, something crazy they dreamed of when they were in college or high school and life got in the way.
            The third book is scheduled for a June release.  The Kindle and Nook versions are available for both books.

Slipper Slope

In Slippery Slope,  Amy Stewart’s marriage outranks all others and her life is as perfect as it can get—until she discovers her husband having an affair with a much younger woman.  When his lover is found dead Amy becomes the prime suspect.

      Recently retired Army Colonel, Neil Baker, has no doubt of the beauty’s guilt, even if the police find discrepancies in the evidence.  However, when her husband’s murder occurs while she’s with Neil, he’s forced to reevaluate her claim of innocence.
     Discovering her own life in danger and desire between her and Neil growing hot, can the two band together to weave through the maze of secrets and lies to find the truth?
            While you enjoy the wonderful last month of summer and visit some interesting characters sitting on your front porch sipping a glass of iced tea. 


As always, happy reading!!!

Warmest Regards,

Candice Poarch

         .  If you haven’t already read Christmas Gone Wild, the Kindle and Nook versions are available in e-books.

Christmas Gone Whild       

In Christmas Gone Wild, for single mother Lauren Grant, Christmas is about family, but when her newly married son decides to spend the holiday with his in-laws she’s at lose ends.  She realizes she’s in a rut.  In an effort to change her life she plans a trip to the Outer Banks with her new love interest, and finds herself tangled in a murder, and a boyfriend who’s a no show.
        The murder hits Adam Forsythe hard.  Patrick was more father than friend.  Adam vows to find his murderer.  To do so he must stay close to Lauren.  But the attraction between them is immediate and sharp.  As danger lurks, sparks ignites into a passion they never expected.  Will they find the culprit before it’s too late for Lauren?

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ebooks by Candice Poarch


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