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Printable Booklist

Island of Deceit, Dafina, June 2010

Safe in His Embrace, Kimani, January 2010

Loving Spoonful, Kimani, May 2009

Long Hot Nights, Dafina, 2008

Golden Night, Dafina, April 2007

Best Friends and Lovers, Kimani Press, September 2007

His Tempest, Kimani Press, June 2007

Out of the Past, Dafina Books, April 2007

Sweet Southern Comfort, Kimani Press, November 2006

Bittersweet, Kensington Dafina, June 2006

Discarded Promises, Kensington Dafina, January 2006

Family Bonds, Bet Books,  July 2005

Loving Delilah, Bet Books

Courage Under Fire, Bet Books (At Your Service), July 2003

Lighthouse Magic, Bet Books, February 2003 ‡

Bargain of the Heart, Bet Books, June 2002*

The Last Dance, Bet Books, November 2001*
A New Year, a New Beginning,”  in ‘Tis the Season, Bet Books, October 2001*

Shattered Illusions, Bet Books, November 2000 ‡

Tender Escape, Arabesque/Bet Books, February 2000

Intimate Secrets, Arabesque/Bet Books, September 1999*
“More Than Friends” in A Mother’s Touch, Arabesque/Bet Books, May 1999

The Essence of Love, Arabesque/Bet Books, November 1998

With This Kiss, Arabesque, January 1998*
“A New Year, a New Beginning,” in Moonlight and Mistletoe, Pinnacle, December 1997

White Lightning, Arabesque, February 1997*



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