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Island of Deceit

Poarch’s third “Quest for the Golden Bowl” novel does not disappoint.  The characters have distinctive voices that demand to be heard, and happily, they have something to say.
--Romantic Times Book Reviews4 stars

Long, Hot Nights
Long, Hot Nights is a romantic mystery with all the necessary ingredients…Poarch stirs the mind with this whodunit, the subtle clues are on-point, the suspects are diverse, the romance is sultry, and the message is clear; no location can escape the precipice of crime.  This should keep readers on the edge of their seats.
--RAWSISTAZ  Reviewers

Candice Poarch presents with her second novel in the “Quest for the Golden Bowl” series.  I give Ms. Poarch the highest respect for consistently providing her readers with quality works.
--Black Butterfly Review

Golden  Night
Poarch presents a multifaceted romance that diverts to a thought-provoking mystery without losing its romantic feel.  The first installment of this trilogy has a well-developed story and strong characters who will evolve into protagonists as the trilogy unfolds.
--Romantic Times Book Reviews 4 stars

…The diversity of the characters that are brought into this story is fantastic…These people, in a word, are fun.  Golden Night is a great first step in what I think will be an excellent trilogy.  A whodunit mixed with the story of real love succeeding against all odds.
--Once Upon a Romance

…Golden Night is worth recommending.  It has quite a few surprises, solid writing, eclectic, eccentric, likeable characters, and themes involving family history…
--Romance Reviews Today

                “Poarch’s novel starts out swinging...Poarch skillfully shows the multiple layers of the main and secondary characters while telling a story of mental illness, complex family relationships and the meaning of family.  A definite keeper!”
Romantic Times.BOOKreviews, 41/2 stars

“I really enjoyed Bittersweet in its entirety. The combination of romance, comedy, mystery and intrigue...features a man with the capacity to love and unafraid of responsibility. Bittersweet tells the story of life's sudden unexpected turns and how different people choose to meets those challenges. I would definitely recommend Bittersweet as a book club selection.”
—Karen Monroe, Woman2Woman Book Club member.  Rated 4 (5 point scale)

                “Bittersweet is a heartfelt story that allows the reader an insightful glimpse into the inner struggles for love and family...marvelous characters...The suspense, both emotionally and physical, within the story extraordinarily written with several twist and paced, emotional novel that had elements that will appeal to all types of readers.”
                                                         —Contemporary Romance Writers-

                “I really enjoyed the dynamics of Desiree’s family in Bittersweet. Sometimes when I read a book I get left with the feeling that other families out there are "normal" and mine is the only one with quirks. Candice portrayed family in a very real way and...shows the power of character...”
—Once Upon a Romance

“...engaging presence... throws real sparks...”
—Publishers Weekly
                “BITTERSWEET by Candice Poarch is an exciting, suspenseful and yes “sweet” romantic suspense...a wonderful and heartwarming story and I recommend it to all that enjoy a well written love story with just a touch of suspense thrown in.”
Romance Junkies

Discarded Promises
                “This is the answer for those looking for mystery with a hint of romance.”
—Romantic Times BOOKClub

Family Bonds
                “Poarch has crafted an enjoyable read filled with warm family complications and a hot mystery.  A trail of murders leads to an exciting and surprising conclusion.”
—Romantic Times BOOKClub

Courage Under Fire
                “Candice Poarch creates a believable love story, drawing upon actual events to bring these two individuals together.”
—Romantic Times Book Club

“COURAGE UNDER FIRE speaks to the ideals of family and forgiveness.”
—Romance in Color

Lighthouse Magic
“Poarch does a wonderful job of setting the stage for the story.”
—Romantic Times BookClub

“Lighthouse Magic by Candice Poarch is a love story embellished with the quest for identity and the determination to stand up for emotional and evocative tale.”
                                                                                                 —Midwest Book Review

                “LIGHTHOUSE MAGIC is a romantic mystery set in a small town....Ms. Poarch does an excellent job in describing the idyllic community and it inhabitants. The characters, buildings and scenery are written with such vivid detail that you can almost see and hear the scenes unfold before you....”
                                                                                                     —Romance in Color

“I loved the way that Ms. Poarch kept the story exciting....”
                                                                                     —The Romance Reader’s Connection

                                                      Bargain of the Heart
                “In-depth characterization, a mystery, and a nice subplot involving the romance of an older couple add to the appeal of this book.  By making the quest to achieve literacy a major theme in her eighth novel, Virginia author Poarch, raises an important and sensitive issue and puts the feel-good genre of romance to particularly good use.  Libraries will definitely want to add this well-written and unusual tale to their collections.”
                                                                                               —Shelley Mosley, Booklist

                “Imagine how you would feel if you couldn’t read your best friend’s letters, or the electric billl, or a storybook to your pre-schooler.  Candice Poarch writes with compassion about the unique confines of the imprisonment.of illiteracy in Bargain of the Heart....With equal fervor, she tells the relationship-affirming of marriage’s milepost–the contemplation of divorce–makred as an opportunity for discovery and renewal.  For teacher Crystal Dupree and her attorney husband, Richard, the decision to give their marriage 3 months of courtship lets the pair rediscover what they first loved about each other.  Their agreement, urged by Richard and agreed to by Crystal–even though she believes he’s more    Devoted to his work than to their marriage–unleashes moments of reflection and sheer unbridled fear as together they find that the purest, most priceless agreement is a Bargain of the Heart.”
                                                                                                            —Book Page

                “This is the first book by Candice Poarch that I've read. It had all the elements that I enjoy in a book -- romance and a bit of a mystery all in one....As much as I enjoyed this book by Candace Poarch, I know I will be looking for more of her work. For fans of romance and suspense, this one is highly recommended for an enjoyable read.”
                                                                                        —Kathy Boswell, The Best Reviews

“...strongly developed characters and an interesting storyline....”
                                                                                            —Romantic Times BOOKClub

                “This is a story of the work that couples must put into a marriage to remember why they got married in the first place.”
—The Romance Readers Connection

                “...enough spark and romance for the most romantic among us, especially poignant in a story of a second chance at love....Summer is the perfect season to watch hearts grow and love blossom for a second time in Candice Poarch's BARGAIN OF THE HEART.”
–Susan Lantz, AOL Romance Fiction Forum

                “....Richard’s transformation was interesting to watch....Crystal’s involvement in the community with her elder neighbors was also inspiring.....I’ve read several of Ms. Poarch’s romance novels and my favorites are the ones that make up the Nottoway series. I highly recommend all of them:”
                                                                                                     —Romance in Color

The Last Dance
                “This is a compelling and heart-wrenching tale of one woman’s struggle to overcome emotional and physical trauma, and let herself love and be loved.”
                                                                                            —Romantic Times BOOKClub

                “With Ms. Poarch’s new novel, she takes us back to Nottoway, VA, the venue of three of her previous novels, WHITE LIGHTNING, WITH THIS KISS and INTIMATE SECRETS.....I truly enjoyed this story. There was a significant amount of interplay between the hero and heroine. Even though there was a murder investigation being conducted, the main focus of the story, the couple, remained integral.... THE LAST DANCE is a worthwhile addition to this series.”
                                                                                 —Jennifer Cogdell, Romance in Color, 4+

                “This is an enjoyable story of two people that are afraid to fall in love. As they work together solving a murder in their small town, they each learn how to give of themselves to start a lasting relationship.”
                                                                                     —The Romance Reader’s Connection

                                                       Shattered Illusions
 “A delightful romance complete with an endearing cast of characters....The story was intriguing from the start....”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
                                                                     —Pamela Tullos, Romantic Times BOOKClub  iiii

                “Candice Poarch’s Shattered Illusions is a multidimensional romantic suspense novel that will keep readers guessing...Poarch’s novel seeks to unravel another mystery: family relationships. The result is a poignant look at love, loyalty, hope and disappointment”
                                                                        —Gwendolyn Osborne, The Romance Reader  ÌÌÌÌ

                                                           Tender Escape
                “Ms. Poarch’s tender touch with moving on after the loss of a love is remarkable.”
                                                                             —Chandra Y. Sparks, Romantic Times iiii

                "...I find these attributes-along with Poarch's patient attention to social history and delicious dash of mystery-to be charming and totally necessary to the health and validity of the growing genre of African-American novels."
                                                                                      —Sandra West, Richmond Free Press

                "Tender Escape is a well-written tale of unsolved mysteries or undisclosed secrets...[It] should not be missed."
                                                                       —Gwendolyn Osborne, The Romance Reader  ÌÌÌÌ
                “A pair of well-matched protagonists sets sparks flying in this fast-paced, rather suspenseful contemporary that helps a cynical, untrusting hero and a heroine who needs to let go of the past to find healing and love.”    
                                                                                                       —Library Journal

                “This story had me totally intrigued because the issues were real....The secondary characters have a nice underlying romance that I hope we will see in a sequel to TENDER ESCAPE. This was my first Candice Poarch book but it will not be my last!”
                                                                                     —Catherine Brown, Under the Covers

Intimate Secrets 
                “Candice Poarch has returned to the bustling rural town of Nottoway, Virginia, introducing yet another delightful couple who will steal your heart and warm your reading hours with their cozy story.”
                                                                    —Cheryl Ferguson, Romantic Times BookClub  iiii
                “Constance Poarch has brought us a story with convincing characters, a believable plot and a sizzling romance. Her locale is vivid and visual--you will want to check in to the Nottoway Inn for a weekend getaway! She uses a delightful humor and charm... Don't keep this one an INTIMATE SECRET--read it and tell all your friends about it!”
                                                            —Melanie Schuster, Under the Covers.  Very highly recommended

                “Intimate Secrets, like the other stories in the Nottaway series, brings back an interesting set of characters only small town life can produce. While Intimate Secrets is a strong stand-alone, I recommend reading the other stories in the series -- White Lightning and With This Kiss -- to meet the range of rich characters and to discover what Mrs. Jones is really capable of!”
                                                                        —Gwendolyn Osborne, The Romance Reader  ÌÌÌÌ

“More Than Friends” in A Mother’s Touch
“A MOTHER'S TOUCH mixes love, laughter and fantasy in a celebration of mothers and motherhood—written by three of Arabesque’s best authors....Candice Poarch’s “More Than Friends” is a delightful story of two best friends, Rick and Ariene, who marry to have a child only to discover their friendship is just a mask for the deeper, more erotic emotions.”
                                                                     —Cheryl Ferguson, Romantic Times BookClub iiii
                                                                                          The Essence of Love 
                “The Essence of Love is another trademark romance classic from a veteran author who knows how to satisfy the mind while feeding the hungry heart with her literary treats.”
                                                                    —Cheryl Ferguson, Romantic Times Magazine  iiii

With This Kiss 
                “WITH THIS KISS is a spectacular blend of humor, drama and romance liberally laced with Ms. Poarch's literary talent.”
                                                                              —Cheryl Ferguson, Romantic Times  iiii

White Lightning
                “Ms. Poarch has captured the autumn warmth of rural Virginia, and the deep emotions that form the foundation of abiding love, in this excellent debut novel.”
                                                                   —Cheryl Ferguson, Romantic Times BOOKClub  iiii

                “Candice Poarch scribes an intriguing tale that cleverly blends elements from supernatural, romantic suspense and ethnic romance genres into an interesting reading experience.  Tylan and Clarice are great lead protagonists, and Clarice’s car, which is in the shop more than on the street, adds a droll touch that adeptly lightens the tale.  The audience will enjoy a taste of White Lightning.”
                                                                              —Harriet Klausner, Affaire de Coeur  iiii


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